We perform content analysis on digital transcripts of structured and semi-structured documents such as trial transcripts, surveys, hearings, interviews, interrogations, emails, and system logs (Epistemic Logging). By using text and data mining, concept/entity identification, sophisticated natural language processing, and knowledge representation methods, our TAMI software systems extract propositional knowledge, relationships and classifications then creates high quality visual summaries and visualizations.

What We Do ...

ASC (Advanced Software Construction)  is a designer and maker of software-based knowledge components  ranging from Domain Ontologies  to Inference Engines for Robots and Software Agents. In addition to building Knowledge Components, ASC's  contract ontology and knowledge engineering services include:

  1. Knowledge Data & Discovery,

  2. Transcript Mining,

  3. Analysis & Epistemic Visualization.

Who We Are ...

ASC is a small team of Designers, Engineers, Makers, and IT Specialists with decades of experience in advanced software construction and a particular devotion to sustainability, green technologies, and open source systems

that promote the greater good.  We adhere to professional standards and ethics as established by IEEE and ACM associations.

We adhere to professional standards and

ethics established by IEEE and ACM

associations as well as software development models such as the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration).



(For Interrogative Domains)

TAMI I performs content analysis on digital interrogative transcripts such as trial transcripts, surveys, hearings, interviews, and interrogations.

  1. TAMI I (For Interrogative Domains)


(For System Logs)

TAMI II is an epistemic agent that performs knowledge-intensive analysis of Unix/Linux and MAC OS computer systems log files using Transcript Analysis and Computer System Debriefing Software in order to determine how well the system is operating. TAMI II comes is two flavors:       

  1. S.O.S (System Operational Status) Histories

  1. M.I.S.S.  (Mission Integration Stress State) Histories


(Transcript Analysis Mining Interpretation

Software System)